4 Locations, Over 1,200,000 Square Feet, Over 70,000 Pallet Positions
White Horse Logistics Solutions Meet Your Needs

4 Convenient Locations, Close to Ports/Airports, 24/7 Site Security

Over 20 Years of 3PL Expertise

At the most basic level, third party logistics (3PL’s) offer logistics services to support various aspects of your shipping operations.

While that sounds straightforward there’s little basic or simple about it. For more than 20 years White Horse Logistics has refined the professional services that help businesses plan and execute logistics solutions.

By scaling and customizing services, White Horse Logistics develops specific solutions to meet your needs. We can provide a single service or deliver a bundle of services , working with you to provide visibility to all aspects of your logistics network. Leveraging our experience we work to create value in ways that enhance your operational, financial, and end-customer performance.

70,000 Pallet Positions

With over 70,000 pallet positions it’s an understatement to say that we offer clients a range of warehousing solutions.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides real-time analytics of your inventory, and rack space efficiencies while anticipating future needs.

The Warehouse Management Systems at White Horse Logistics relays clients real-time information so you can focus on your core business. We’ll take care of the details from here.

Delivering On Our Promise To You

Our reputation has been our guarantee to you. Every client. Every service. Every time.

The White Horse Logistics team members at each of our four locations are committed to your satisfaction. Our service solutions are flexible. Our promises are not.

Delivering goods and services built on our commitment to you is what drives all of us at White Horse Logistics.

Reliable. Dependable. Born From Experience.

With millions of miles moving goods on land, sea and air we’ve developed the systems to deliver your product where it needs to be and when it needs to arrive. Dependability drives us for every client large or small.

We’ve taken the cumulative experience of the past twenty years and converted into actions specifically benefiting our clients.

After all, isn’t that what you expect of a seasoned 3PL solutions provider like White Horse Logistics?

Quality and Value For Every Client

Customer satisfaction is not just a metric, it’s our mission.

We value each and every client for their relationship with White Horse Logistics. We’ve dedicated our business practices to support nearly every type of need our clients bring to us.

We continue to learn and grow as a result of this perspective – while making us more competitive.


White Horse Logistics Warehousing Pallet Storage

Gain visibility, accuracy and control with White Horse Logistics warehousing solutions. Our Warehouse Management System delivers real time reporting, giving clients the agility needed to compete today.

Fulfillment and Value Added Services

Bar Scanner

Our fulfillment solutions allow us to do the difficult part of your job so you can focus on what you do best. As your fulfillment command center White Horse Logistics provides all your order preparation and shipping needs.


Distribution Center

Efficient distribution is key to handling all sizes of shipping products and the storage of produced inventory prior to their shipment to wholesale, retail and customers.