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White Horse Logistics Distribution

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Our focus is on efficiency, order accuracy, and speed. We’ve implemented best practices and technology to improve the entire fulfillment process. As a leading 3PL provider White Horse Logistics offers services and expertise leveraging our tech-enabled operations across our entire logistics process.

We approach distribution services differently than other 3PL providers. We deliver dynamic and agile solutions that swiftly move your inventory. The White Horse Logistics distribution center ensures goods reach the right places at the right time.

Complete, Quality Distribution Services

Quality distribution services such as White Horse Logistics are rare. We emphasize the importance on delivering on our word to every client. Our processes are tested and constantly reviewed, keeping our quality execution at the highest level. Additionally we are an American Institute for Banking (AIB) Food Grade certified warehouse and we have Hazmat teams on site for safe handling, storage and documentation of hazardous materials.

Our process handles orders sent via EDI or manual entry, orders are then waved and sent to the floor for picking. Customer orders are packed according to the vendor guides, orders then move to shipping, where they are routed using customers’ TMS system for scheduled pickup.