Efficient Storage and Handling of Goods

White Horse Logistics Warehousing

1.2 Million Square Feet on Four Convenient Warehouse Locations
Over 70,000 Pallet Positions Accessible by 150 Dock Doors

A Better Product Journey

Warehouse management addresses the “journey” of individual items as they flow through the warehouse from receipt to shipment. White Horse Logistics utilizes an efficient Warehousing Management System (WMS) to fine-tune your product’s journey based on real-time information.

Our WMS leads to higher productivity by saving clients’ time, money and energy. WMS efficiencies allow our clients to focus on growing their business. For more than twenty years clients have relied on White Horse Logistics for our superior warehouse management capabilities.

Warehouse management systems

Optimized Warehouse Processes

Exceeding expectations drives all of us at White Horse Logistics. Our Warehouse Management System is data-based, with clearly defined workflows driving empowered teams. Our WMS provides full visibility into real-time inventory levels and storage, staff productivity, demand forecasting and order fulfillment workflows.

Among warehousing services, we expertly handle the devanning of containers, palletizing product and scan this information into our WMS. We scan in the pallet locations, and insure we are retail compliant.